The UAE’s first organic & eco friendly salon!

You guys know I have an unhealthy obsession with trying out new vegan beauty products & treating myself to some pampering –  so when I heard about The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge  I nearly died & went to heaven on the spot.

The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge is the first green salon in the UAE offering nothing but vegan, cruelty free & toxic free products. They offer a range of treatments including nail treatments such as polish & bio sculpture, body treatments including scrubs & massages, facial treatments & even hair treatments just to name a few.

The salon is small & intimate, with the rustic wooden décor & plants everywhere it’s like escaping into little piece of relaxing nature in the desert. Everything about the salon is natural & cruelty free, right down to the eco-friendly interior.

All the products are sourced by reliable brands which meet the following criteria’s;

  1. Brands that do not use toxic chemicals
  2. Brands that follow strict environmental policies
  3. Brands that never test on animals (yay!)
  4. & Brands that fully disclose their ingredients & organic certification

Basically everything we look for in a brand right?

It doesn’t stop there, Organic Glow pride themselves on using energy-saving lighting, bio-degradable towels & eco-friendly cleaning supplies. They also recycle their waste – how amazing!?

“More than just a salon, The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge strives to increase awareness amongst women about the dangers of using harsh chemicals & promote ethical and holistic beauty by offering a menu of toxic-free services” – Organic Glow Salon

There is little background about the salon, now let’s get down to business, the treatment.

I decided to go for a facial as it’s been a long time since I visited a salon for one. Pamper nights at home are great, but let’s face it, being pampering by someone else is the best right!?

One of the things I loved about Organic Glow is not just the vast range of treatments they offer, but the options available within these treatments. For example, when it comes to facials, Organic Glow offer 6, something for all different skin types & moods.  There are a total of 7 facemarks to choose from; apple, avocado, cucumber, dates, oatmeal, rose oil & strawberry. I decided to go for oatmeal after learning how great it is for cleansing & moisturising. This particular mask is recommended for people with all skin types, but especially for oil skin (which I suffer from a little bit living somewhere so humid!)

After having a little nosey around the salon I was led to a beautiful little treatment room by an amazing therapist called Meseret. She told me she had been working for Organic Glow for around 8 years & she was so knowledgeable about all the products. 

First, my face was cleansed with rose water (which makes a change from the usual harsh stuff salons apply to your face) & I couldn’t get over how nice it smelled! The facial lasted an hour & there were a number of fab natural products applied to my face such as aloe vera (which I learned is great for fighting anti-aging on the skin) & a home made sugar scrub before my face was steamed & the oatmeal face mask was applied. 

I was really intreguied to see the results. Cruelty free & vegan beauty is one thing, but could natural products really give your skin the desired effect?

not great lighting but you can see by Organic Glow skin!

My skin had the Organic Glow – literally glowing! I was pleasantly surprised at just how great my skin looked & felt after my first ever natural face mask. It literally glowed for days!

Another thing that I was pleasantly surprised at were the prices. In this day & age it seems almost everywhere we have to pay premium for both organic & vegan products (where is the justice!?) so I was expecting the prices of the services to be a little higher than the usual beauty haunts in the UAE. However you can get one of these amazing facials for 350 Dirhams which is on the cheaper end of the scale of facials in the UAE. The hair treatments & nail treatments are also very competitive, it is nice to find an eco-friendly brand that doesn’t come with a crazy price tag! Organic Glow also do home services (how fab!?) & offer blow dries with their cruelty free hair products, I am 100% coming back for a ‘vegan blow-dry’!

So when pamper day is on the horizon (or the next time you chip a nail) make sure you check out Organic Glow UAE. You can look & feel fab guilt free! Thanks a lot for having me Organic Glow UAE! Be sure to check the salon out on Instagram & read more about services/price list here! Jess xox

The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge
Oudah Tower, Street 14, District 13,
Jumeirah Village Circle 1
Dubai, U.A.E