Don’t waste your leftovers!

Never have time to make breakfast in the morning? Don’t have any fresh ingredients to make a smoothie? I didn’t this morning, but couldn’t leave the apartment for a two hour nail appointment with no breakfast.

After rummaging around my fridge, I found some left over Quinoa salad I had made the other day. I had heard of quinoa smoothies before, could this be the answer? I poured the superfood salad into my blender and added a cup of almond milk and half a cup of water.

My superfood, quinoa, vegan smoothie!
My superfood, quinoa, vegan smoothie!

And there was my breakfast. A superfood, vegan, quiona smoothie. Very filling, nutritious and delicious. If you haven’t read my recipe for this quinoa salad, you can find it here;

If you decide to make it, my advice would be save half for your breakfast the next morning 🙂

Have you ever used leftovers for a breakfast smoothie?

Jess x