Hey you guys! SO – I’ve been flying quite a bit recently so I thought I would share with you some of my ecofriendly, vegan flight essentials which I pack in my hand luggage, no matter how long or short the flight. You guys asked for this post next (so in love with the new poll feature on Insta stories btw) so here you go! (OH & btw if you buy any of this stuff from Iherb you can get 5% off with my code JES8074)

  1. Eye Mask

First things first – SLEEP. If I have a night flight I ALWAYS sleep on the plane (sometimes I fall asleep before the flight has even taken off lol) & to make sure it’s lights out even when it isn’t lights out, I pack my eye mask. My eye mask by EcoTools is made from organic cotton & blocks out light perfectly. The entire brand is cruelty free! Buy it now from Eco Tools website.

2. Roll on Perfume

Roll on perfumes are great for when you need a little dab of fragrance to try & cover your plane smell. I have this delicious vanilla roll on perfume by a new brand I found called Sarabecca which is completely vegan & 100% natural. Pacifica also do awesome ones! You can buy these bad boys on Iherb here. 

3. Moisturiser 

We all know planes are a killer for dehydration & drying out your skin so I never travel with out my trusty Enzymion moisturiser from Lush. I first tried this facial moisturiser back in 2016 at the Lush Creative Showcase & I have used it on my face EVERY SINGLE DAY since – no joke. It’s packed with nutrients from avocado & primrose oil to keep you skin glowing & healthy. I moisturise my face as soon as I am on the plane (& half way through the flight if it’s a long haul.) The tubs from Lush liquids criteria for flying no problemo. Visit the Lush site & buy it here.

4. Hydration Drink Tabs

Flying is hydration as hell & I don’t know about you guys but if I don’t stay hydrated I get the WORST headaches! I have recently started taking hydration tabs on my flights which are easily dissolved in water. Right now I am using  a brand called Nunn Hydration. These electrolyte enhanced drink tabs are dairy free, made from plant-based ingredients. I have the blueberry & pomegranate flavor which is delicious (unlike other brands) & I usually pop one of these bad boys half way through my flight. You can also get these on herb – buy them here

5. Hand Sanitizer

HYGIENE. I have friends who work as cabin crew & let’s just say, some of the stories they share about the cleanliness or airplanes are GROSS. Just now I am using this lovely smelling, vegan hand sanitizer by Madre Labs which I make sure to pack when I fly. Smells like lemon grass, really refreshing & also contains some aloe – nice. Buy it here on Iherb.

6. Lip Balm

Living in a hot climate I am really prone to dry lips & I have found that why I fly it can make them a lot worse. I always pack a lip balm to keep my lips hydrated, I will either slather it all over my lips before I sleep or apply every hour or so if I am awake.  Right now I am using Hurraw! Balm in chocolate flavour. It is the most moisturising vegan lip balm I have tried to date & super compact. Buy them here on Iherb.

& that’s it guys! with a good book & my travel buddy that is all I need to keep me feeling & looking fresh while flying! did I miss anything that you guys use? Let me know! Jess x