And why is everyone putting it on everything?!

Seriously, what’s the deal? What is turmeric and why am I seeing it everywhere? It’s going on faces, into soups and hot drinks!?

I came across yet another turmeric post on Insta, this time it was being used in a hair mask. So I decided to investigate, find more out about this popular powder and give you guys the lowdown.

Firstly, I actually use turmeric sometimes. I have a small bag of it in my cupboard and I randomly add it to soups, hot drinks and stuff because I knew it was good for me. But now I know exactly just how good it is for everything.

OK official definition from good old google –

a bright yellow aromatic powder obtained from the rhizome of a plant of the ginger family, used for flavouring and colouring in Asian cookery and formerly as a fabric dye.

And it is bright yellow, its a fine powder which seems to have earned the ever-so-popular ‘super food’ title. Traditionally used as a herbal medicine and dye in Asia, it is now known for providing a number of amazing health benefits – here are some of them;

  • It’s a natural painkiller 
  • It lifts your mood (works as an anti-depressant) 
  • Anti-inflammatory – decreases any swelling/unwanted puffiness 
  • It’s helps with arthritis 
  • It’s a really, really strong anti-oxidant and boosts your immune system
  • Turmeric can help prevent cancerous tumors (science backed)

If that wasn’t good enough – here are the list of ways turmeric can help beautify you:

  • It can help with dandruff
  • Ditches the deal cells
  • It can help get rid of your real tan (each to their own) and helps with fake tan disasters (I don’t need that anymore yay!)
  • Since it gets rid of your tan, it can also lighten stretch marks
  • Keeps you looking young by fighting aging and treating your wrinkles 
  • The anti-bacterial properties help with acne/blemishes 

I find turmeric to be very aromatic, it’s hard to describe the taste but I think it’s kinda like a cross between ginger and orange, with a little hint of spice. I use it in soups, curries and other spice dishes like fajita mix and even in my chili dishes. It has a nice, mild chai-type taste and I have started putting it in hot chocolate and warm almond milk too, just to try and get as much of this stuff into my daily diet as possible. 

As for the beauty side of things, there are so many ideas for using turmeric in hair and face masks online, I am definitely going to check some out.

Anyway, I hope if you were a stranger to turmeric you are now well informed! Do any of you guys use it? Let me know how!

Happy Monday people – Jess xx

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