*Diets for 1 day*
‘Did I get skinny yet?’

Hi hi! & Happy New Year!

First blog post of 2017 – I know it’s a little late but I have had the busiest start to the year! I have really spent some time figuring out my goals & what I want to achieve in 2017, as well as planning my latest project ‘Ration The Fashion’ (first vlog coming soon!) & a couple of trips!

Anyway, one of my immediate goals is to try & shift some of the usual ‘I’ve-eaten-way-too-much-in-December’ weight. & so far I have lost around 3kg’s (yay!) & the best part is, there has been absolutely no starving myself of stupid diets/detoxes.

It’s safe to say I have tried a lot of these fads over the years like clean eating, starvation, limiting my calories, shakes/meal replacement, fat burning capsules & I am sick of them. As soon as you start eating normally again you just pile the weight back on, they just don’t work long-term. You have to enjoy life & one of the best things in life is FOOD. The only nonsense I haven’t tried is this magic tea, you know the one where you lose a shed load of pounds when you have a few cups a day? Yeah – they are full of natural laxatives & I am way too busy to spend stupid amounts of my precious time in the bathroom – gross. (Oh & the skinny celebs don’t use them either, they are paid to promote them FYI.)

I get a few questions from you guys about vegan weight loss or things like ‘omg I gained so much weight since I went vegan’. Here’s the thing, if you eat too much processed vegan foods like fake meats or vegan treats & cakes of course you’re going to get fat! Now I am all for these kinda foods, but like meat-eating diets & vegetarian diets – if you eat too much of the bad stuff while living a vegan lifestyle, your gunna put on weight.

So, here are some of my tips/fav vegan foods & meal ideas that are low in fat, healthy & delicious. The stuff below is what you’ll find me eating during the week, especially when I am trying to shift a few pounds or maintain my weight.

• 1 handful of mixed nuts, 1 handful of mixed berries & 1 soya yoghurt
• Vegan oatmeal
Scrambled tofu
• 1 wholemeal bagel OR 1 large slice of wholemeal toast with ½ can of baked beans
• Avocado Toast
Overnight Oats
Sweet Potato Toast
Acai Bowl
Chia Breakfast Pudding
• 1 slice of whole-wheat toast with 1 banana

healthy vegan breakfast – soya yogurt, berries & nuts

• Couscous with seasoning & sautéed veg
Cauliflower rice with seasoning & again sautéed veg
• Warm salads – Roast/Saute any veggies you like (cauliflower, peppers, carrots, mushrooms) then serve with sautéed spinach & a drizzle of coconut oil with seasoning for dressing – try this warm cauliflower & spinach salad
• Soup – EVERY TIME. In a large pan, sauté some garlic & onions then your veggies of choice (leeks, carrots, potatoes – anything goes) – add some stock/seasoning then chuck in some lentils/yellow split peas& simmer for around ½ an hour. My fav for weight loss is this skinny lentil soup!
Vegan Stir Fry – Some low-fat noodles, your fav veggies to sauté & a vegan sauce (or just a drizzle of vegan friendly soy sauce)
• Wraps – I usually add some lettuce/spinach/kale (some kind of raw leaf) with some beans/chick peas of roasted veggies. Try mashed avocado or humus for a spread & check out this recipe for a lemon, chickpea & avocado wrap
Lentil spaghetti – if you are really seriously about losing the weight ditch the pasta for zoodles
Vegan chili – enjoy it on its own, with couscous or with cauliflower rice
Lentil Shepherd’s pie – Make a huge pie & take some into work for lunch (you can freeze this too!)

Quick& easy skinny vegan lunch – couscous with veggies

• ½ portion of any of the lunch options above
• 2 slices of wholemeal toast (if I haven’t had toast/bagel for breakfast)
• Cup of homemade soup with veggie sticks

Sweet Treats (Before bed cravings):
• 1 cup of warm dairy free milk (pistachio, walnut, almond milk with cinnamon, chocolate rice milk)
• 2 squares of vegan dark chocolate
1 scoop of nice cream

• Banana
• ½ avocado
• Soya yoghurt
• Handful of nuts
Vegan protein shake
• Veggie sticks & nut butter
Kale Chips
Healthy, homemade popcorn

My fav snacks between meals – 1/2 an avocado or a banana

Here are some healthy food switches that I do when trying to lose weight or just eat healthier in general. Cutting out processed foods can make a huge difference – although I definitely don’t agree with depriving yourself.

Healthy Vegan Food Swap For Weight Loss 
Swap This For This
Pasta Spaghettis Zoodles
Vegan Ice Cream Banana Nice Cream
Vegan Hot Chocolate Warm almond/pistachio milk
Fake Meats Roasted Veggies
White Bread Wholemeal Bread (same applies for wraps & bagels)
Soya Milk Almond Milk
Vegan Mayo Hummus/mashed avocado
Potatoes Sweet Potatoes
Rice Cauliflower rice/couscous/quinoa
Crisps Kale Chips
Vegan Butter Coconut oil (yes even on toast!)
Vegetable Oil                            Coconut/avocado oil          @foxesandfood

Don’t forget – we are all different; some people can drop pounds overnight, some people need to work a little harder. By sticking to these foods, I have managed to shift a few KG’s with no hunger & I still have the energy to work out. At the moment I am hitting the gym 5 days a week, even if it is just for 20 minutes on the bike or treadmill. As someone who was naturally slim for years then all of a sudden had to work like a b*tch to stay in shape now (I blame it on the expat lifestyle lol), I have learned that striving for progress not perfection makes a huge difference both on the inside & out. & I also don’t believe in ‘cheat days’. I hate the term, it feels very negative to me – like your cheating or breaking the rules to enjoy a take out!?


I do, however, believe in moderation. If I have been healthy through out the week I will 100% order a take out at the weekend & enjoy every last grain of vegetable fried rice or slice of vegan pizza. Pretty much all of the ingredients in the recipes I have shared are high in nutrition, so not only is this a delicious way to try & aid weight loss, it’s a healthy way to do it too. What’s your fav low fat, vegan recipe? Tell me! Happy skinny Sunday – Jess xx

P.S – I made vegan rice krispie treats yesterday & will share the recipe soon! Just in time for your ‘moderation’ day 😉