It Literally Tastes Just As Good!!

Ok – so I just wanted to share with you the best finding ever for Vegans…. vegan pizza hut. Last night was one of those nights where you just crave pizza/take away food. I just wanted to get home, get into bed and eat pizza. That’s all.

So, I went ahead and ordered a vegan pizza from pizza hut. It was so good! I think I actually preferred it, I could taste all the veggies (there were a lot) and didn’t feel like I was eating a big slab of greasy cheese. Nor did I feel awful afterwards.

Both the regular pizza sauce and the thin and crispy base are vegan friendly. No dairy what so ever.

Even if you are not vegan, a cheese-less pizza is a great way to enjoy your favorite take away pizza, without as many calories 🙂 I preferred my Skinny Vegan Quinoa Pizza (obviously) but it was still delicious 😉

Happy Monday – Jess x

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