‘Dream big, but wake up early to actualize them’

If my alarm had gone off at 5am this time last year, I would have cried. Who on earth wants to get out their bed in the morning at that time?

One of my favorite authors, Robin Sharma, writes a lot about what he refers to the ‘5am club’. He talks about the benefits of waking up early and the positive effects doing so can have on your life. I first starting getting out of bed early in an attempt to get the gym out of the way before work. I had been reading a lot about mornings being the best time to work out, and as my gym is just a level above my apartment, I felt like I had no excuse.

The first week was hard. The alarm screeching at 5am and the thought of the treadmill made me want to cry. But, I stuck to it and every second morning I was in the gym at 5.15 am. Out the gym at 6am giving me an over an hour to get ready before leaving for the office.


After a few weeks, my body clock had started to work with me and I was naturally waking up just after 5am. Even the mornings I wanted to have a lie in!

However, this no longer bothers me. I now enjoy my extra time in the morning. There is rushing around, I can make healthy breakfasts and lunches for the day and I can do yoga. Most of my ideas for this blog come to me first thing in the morning too. I write my blog and check my emails. I can sit and think about the day head while I have my green tea. When I reach my desk, I feel awake and alert, ready for the day ahead. Because my mind has been active for over two hours. Also, I get to see the sunrise every morning.

In a few points, here are the benefits of waking up early;
• You have more time for a nutritional breakfast
• The best time of the day to work out is the morning
• There is no rush or stress
• You are more productive
• You can relax and de-clutter your mind
• You get some ‘me time’ – very important!
Most importantly, you get more time to LIVE. Why wouldn’t you want an extra 365 hours a year?

Your mornings define your day. How you wake up and spend the first few hours will affect your mood and productivity for the rest of it.

Why don’t you try and wake up an hour earlier tomorrow? It gets much easier and there are so many benefits. Waking up early has made me a happier and healthier person!

Jess x