Hey guys, happy Sunday Funday! Hope everyone has had a fab weekend & an awesome month. I have been struggling to find time to write blog posts recently – started a new job, doing a lot of video editing & I have been managing to attend 4 work out classes a week with Guava Pass – BOOM!

So understandably I couldn’t have been happier when I discovered NBARS here in the UAE – Vegan Energy Bars – yasss! They come in 6 delicious flavours with mixes of different seeds, fruits and nuts. Oh & they all contain chocolate – ahhmazing, 

This fab brand was started in 2016 by a lovely lady called Nisha. She fancied a break from corporate life (don’t we all lol) & took a sabbatical which in turn lead to a series of events that created NBARS. My curious nature just had to get the lowdown (curious/nosey same thing right?)

When did you realise that ‘holy moly I make good energy bars and I can sell these!!’? Tell me your story!

“In 2014, I took a sabbatical from corporate life and with more time on my hands, I was hitting it at the gym and I became hungrier during the day. I looked for a sustainable bar at retail across all grocery formats (organic, supermarkets, etc) with nothing that ticked all the boxes. The existing bars are either too sugary or taste like there are chemicals in them or just not tasty enough. So I took over the kitchen at home and experimented with existing recipes but was still not satisfied….

So I created my own formula different from all the recipes out there by adding and subtracting ingredients, via trial and error over 6-9 months. I handed samples out to friends and family and when they came back for more I KNEW I had to pursue this journey.

That was 2015 and I ended up getting a new job in 2015, because starting a business was too scary. As luck would have it, I did not enjoy the new job enough to keep doing it. So after 8 months in the new gig, I quit this very safe job in July 2016 to start NBARS. I took 3 months to create the brand and launch strategy and come November I launched with full on events during open season.”

the lovely Nish doing her thing

Whats your fav flavour?

“Without a doubt NARANG is the star of the family 😻 though every flavor has their ‘fan club’
Any new flavours expected?”

Any new flavours on the horizon?

“The classic collection of 6 flavors will continue. Limited editions such as the Xmas bar… the NATIONAL bar is a tribute to UAE flavors and customs: Qahwah, chopped dates, pine nuts, watermelon seeds and a hint of saffron. It was launched on National Day (Dec) last year, brought back for Art Month (March) and most recently during Ramadan this year. The NATIONAL will be available at select outlets year round on popular demand.”

I am so in love with these NBARS! It is amazing to find 1. energy bars that are vegan (lol) & 2. energy bars that are vegan, healthy & still taste good! In a world full of ‘fake health’ products (like natural bars full of chemicals GROSS) – NBARS are a godsend (via Nish!)

She explains 2 awesome concept behind her brand;

TIME: NBARS were created to give people back their time. That’s what I truly believe we are doing. (1) Breakfast on the go (2) snacks between meals (3) pre/post sport because life is busy and most people are not so good at prepping their own snacks so you grab a bar and get on with life, always prepared with something tasty yet good for you.

BALANCE: NBARS was born out of a search for balance. Between health & pleasure. Most people would like to be healthy but at the same time we don’t want to sacrifice on taste and enjoyment. By throwing in a bit of 70% dark choc in each bar, the brain gets a signal of pleasure and satiety. So while the bar exists to feed your body (fiber, good fats, natural sweetness, vegan etc), the dark choc feeds your soul. Again we see balance of body & soul

So, you might be asking yourself, where can I purchase these bad boys?

NBARS are available in 30 locations in Dubai, a mix of specialty cafes, fitness studios & yoga studios. For those who order directly from us, they drop us an email nquire@nbars.ae or Whatsapp us +971501499515 and there’s a preferential (better than at retail) rate based on order size.

I totally recommend these NBARS, they are an amazing pre work out snack & also a fab mid morning bite. Because they taste so friggin delicious you can enjoy them guilt free. Be sure to check out the Insta page here.

Let me know if you try them! J xxx