What I eat

It may seem like a silly question, but it’s a question I do get asked by friends, followers and colleagues…. What do you eat?

Although I don’t like to class my eating habits or diet, if I had to, I would say I am a pescetarian.

noun: pescetarian
1. a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish.

I love fish, but it’s the only meat I eat. There are a few reasons for this, but I am not going to preach. I didn’t write this blog to try and convert people to my way of living 🙂

I also love cheese and bread. A lot. It’s probably one of my weaknesses.

On a day to day basis, I try and feed my body nutritious foods which will give me energy and keep my weight in check.

Organic fruit & veg bought from the local market
Organic fruit & veg bought from the local market

My daily diet plan looks like this;

As soon as I open my eyes;
Green tea, with a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Smoothie. I have a few different recipes I like to switch between, but they are always almond milk, berry and oat based. I am always sure to add 3 scoops of my protein powder from Protein World’s slender blender product. A breakfast smoothie packed with energy and fibre keeps me full until lunch time ensuring I don’t give in to any mid-morning snacks. I also can find it quite difficult to eat a lot when I have just opened my eyes, so a smoothie is great for me to drink over an hour as I wake up.

I prepare my lunches either the night before or the beginning of the week. I try and get as many vegetables into my meal as possible. I will usually make a large tub of veg which has been roasted in coconut oil. Sweet peppers, courgettes, mushrooms… yum. I have recently been creating quinoa salads and trying low fat wraps too, which I will add to my blog as and when I can. I make my lunches as filling as possible, to keep my going until dinner time and to make sure I don’t have to eat too much in the evening.

Usually something quick and light, but still packed with protein before I head to the gym or yoga. I love fish or Quorn grilled vegetables and whole wheat pasta recipes. If I have time, I will cook a large dish which I can freeze such as veggie cottage pie, veggie chilli or a baked potatoes. At evening time, I really try and keep the fat content and calories low.

Before Bed;
To feed my sweet tooth, I will make a warm vegan drinks, either a hot chocolate or spiced almond milk.

Superfoods I try and eat every day;
• Coconut oil
• Raw Cacao
• Nut butter
• Green tea
• Oats
• Blueberries
• Spinach or Kale

Foods I have to stop myself eating every day;
• Ben & Jerry’s
• Indian takeout’s
• Bread with oil’s

Last night I cooked one of my favorite meals, veggie Quorn lasagne and garlic bread... Yum!
Last night I cooked one of my favorite meals, veggie Quorn lasagne and garlic bread… Yum!

Reasons to treat yourself

Of course, I don’t eat like this every day of the week. Not because I don’t have the willpower too, but because you need to treat yourself and eat foods that you enjoy. I have found that depriving yourself of your guilty pleasures, will only result in binge eating and straying from a healthy lifestyle. I also allow myself to enjoy the occasional take away and large tub of Ben & Jerry’s, and I don’t feel guilty for doing so because of my routine eating habits. I don’t analyze menus when I am eating out and try and count calories in my head either, I allow myself to have whatever I want, simply because I know my other two meals that day will have been healthy and natural, and any excess I burn off at the gym. By sticking to your meal plans or diets consistently, your metabolism beings to recognize the food’s you are eating, especially if you have a routine like me. It doesn’t need to work as hard, which can actually result in gaining weight, another reason to treat yourself every now and then if you didn’t have one!

I don’t diet anymore, this is my lifestyle. I am never hungry and I love everything I eat. I have tried numerous diets over the years, and the above works for me. Not only do I feel healthy, I feel happy too. I never feel frustrated or disappointed with myself either. Remember;

‘There is no diet that will do what healthy eating does’

Jess x