You guys there is a brand spanking new facemask at Lush!! ladies & gents I give you the ‘Lush Jellies’

You guys know I am obsessed with Lush, this is not new. But the Lush Jelly Face Masks are & being the die-hard self-proclaimed lushie that I am, I just had to check them out.

There are 5 jelly face masks in total, 4 of which are vegan (yay!) & are listed/pictured below;

  • 1000 Millihelens
  • The Birth Of Venus
  • Just To Clarify
  • FOMO

The new Lush Jelly Face Masks are a little weird, but weird in a fun way. They just feel soo squishy (like the other Lush Jelly products) – totally different from the original Lush Mask range. This jelly texture made me a little curious I will admit. With the other Lush masks, you can really feel the products working into your skin & I wasn’t sure I would get the same effect with these Jelly Masks if I am honest with you (spoiler alert, I was wrong. so wrong)

To use these masks, you have to tear a little part of the jelly from the tub (a little goes a long way just FYI) then squish & squash the jelly into your hands. It then starts to develop a much creamier texture & will have you thinking ‘ok now I see how this works’. You don’t need to texture to be 100% smooth, just smooth enough that you can apply it to your face (see selfie below)

me rocking the 1000 millihelens Lush Jelly Face Mask

Which one should I try you ask?

Each of the new Lush Jelly Face Masks are totally different, there is something for every skin type & every mood. Here is a little breakdown for you;

1000 Millihelens (my personal fav)

This is a green tea based mask packed with anti-oxidants which leaves your skin feeling brand new. There is also some hazel & apple juice in there too for some toning & rejuvenating. It perfect for a little skin detox or pamper night in.

The Birth Of Venus

This one is a very relaxing Face Mask to use. It is good for calming your skin down & it brought a sense of calm to my soul too (this is rare lol). It’s a smooth seaweedy Face Mask with a touch of rose infusion, lavender & chamomile. Best before bed as part of your winding down routine. 

Just To Clarify

I think the name gives it away, this Lush Jelly Face Mask is the best one for cleansing & clarifying your skin. It is very refreshing packed with grapefruit, orange & papaya. It also contains some bamboo which acts as a great exfoliation when apply & removing the mask. Best for cleansing. 


FOMO is a very gentle Face Mask, super soothing. It contains calamine (which is great for evening out skin tone & soothing skin sores/blemishes) & also carrageenan which is known for its hydration properties. Best for calming your skin & giving your face a little TLC. 

Do they work?

Yes. 100%.

Just as effective & as awesome as the non-jelly Face Masks at Lush.

Are they a little weird?

Yes. But all the best things are.

So if you are a little curious: decide what kinda mood you’re in & what your skin needs & be sure to try them out. My fav is 1000 Millihelens, the smell is divine & you can’t go wrong with anti-oxidants right? Buy them here on the Lush webstore – Enjoy! Jess xox