I have always loved the idea of natural products, but often wondered about the production, benefits and most importantly the results. Can nature provide the same results as chemical cosmetics?

It is safe to say that there aren’t as many options in the Middle East for natural beauty products compared to the UK. So I decided to do a bit of research to try and establish if there were any companies that specialized in organic/natural beauty in my area. After a quick Google search, I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon The Organic Pharmacy. The website is full of intriguing information about the brand, and it turned out there was a branch close by.

After making an enquiry, I was extremely excited when invited to visit the The Organic Pharmacy and review their Detox Cleansing Ritual.

The Organic Pharmacy was started by a woman named Margo Marrone, who worked as a pharmacist and specialized in natural medicine. As she continued her work in this field she discovered Homeopathy and then the benefits of organic products. Completely shocked by the toxins in cosmetics, in 2002 the first Organic Pharmacy store was opened in London. There are now Organic Pharmacy branches all over the world, including the Abu Dhabi branch which opened in 2013, and a branch in Dubai which opened earlier this year.

After a stressful day in the office, I couldn’t get to my appointment quick enough. I had a great feeling as soon as I arrived, the pharmacy was pristine. Beautifully modern, with shelves and shelves of fantastic looking products. Most importantly, an extremely friendly and consultant welcomed me in. She gave me an overview of the business and answered every single question I had (and I had a lot). Full of passion about the products, it was so refreshing to meet someone who clearly loved her job and believed in the brand. She explained how much she had learned since working at The Organic Pharmacy and has implemented a lot of her training into her lifestyle which I thought was great.

With so many products available, so many questions came to my mind.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is at the heart of what we do. Margo’s love affair with homeopathy began over 20 years ago when she first discovered homeopathy and its benefits. Today we incorporate homeopathy, herbal medicine and nutrients at the heart of everything that we do and believe that this holistic approach is the safest and fastest way to restore health and wellbeing.

What are your best selling Products?
Our bestselling skincare product, is our ‘Hero’ product Carrot Butter Cleanser and our bestselling supplements is the 10 Day Detox Kit.

10 days detox kit

What is the Carrot Butter Cleanser?
Our ultimate bestselling cleanser effortlessly removes grime, dirt, pollution and makeup (including eye make-up) in one east step. Infused with Rosemary, Carrot and Shea Butter the skin is left comfortable, clean and incredibly soft.

Carrot butter cleanser
Carrot butter cleanser

Who can use it?
All skin types, particularly oily skin as Carrot Butter Cleanser balances the oil production of the skin.

What does it do?
Oil is the best medium to remove oil while balancing and maintaining the moisture levels of the skin. In Carrot Butter Cleanser Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Wheatgerm Oil and Sunflower Oil work together to dissolve grease, grime, dirt, pollution and makeup. The skin is fully cleansed of the daily buildup of impurities and left feeling incredibly soft, smooth and radiant.

What is the most common ingredient throughout your products and why?

Rose. For over 5000 years Persia has been home to the exquisite Damask Rose. Our unique organic extract is grown at an altitude of 2000 ft in the central region in Iran. The farm co-operatives involve the entire village, men, women and children, who come together in May during the Rose harvest to pick the delicate flowers at dawn where the moisture is at its highest. The flowers are then distilled in copper stills using pure mountain stream water. The result is an exceptional highly potent extract with an exquisite fragrance and high antioxidant activity. It takes 40,000 kg of rose petals to make 1 kg of Rose oil, making rose oil more expensive than gold. Not only does the Rose crop support the village but it also supports 2 local orphanages. Apart from its exquisite scent, rose has many medicinal and cosmetic uses.

Are all your products Vegan?
Most of our products are Vegan friendly. (The Organic Pharmacy provided me with a list of these Vegan products and there are certainly a lot to pick from)

After an introduction to the brand, it was time for my Detox Cleansing Ritual to begin. The consultant explains that the purpose of this treatment is to regulate fat metabolism in the body.

‘An intense full body scrub with stimulating and detoxifying blend of salt, seaweed and lemon. A potent wrap of seaweed and eucalyptus with rare fossil mud, leaving the skin deeply enveloped, cleansed and simulated’

The consultant guides me into one of their treatment rooms and as I lie on my back, I inhale the Rose and Jasmine Body Oil before a quick massage start the treatment. After smelling this product, I can understand why rose is the most common ingredient. The oil smells beautiful and is very relaxing.

Now the ritual really begins. I am scrubbed from head to toe with the Lemon Seaweed Eucalyptus Body Scrub. Pleasantly surprised at how nice this feels on my skin, it is clear the grains are much finer than most scrubs, as the consultant gently exfoliates my body to get banish dead skin. A refreshing lemon smell fills the room and once I am completely scrubbed, I take a shower. As I wipe the scrub off my body, I cannot believe how soft my skins feels already, I don’t think it has ever felt so smooth!

Seaweed lemon & eucalyptus body scrub
Seaweed lemon & eucalyptus body scrub

Next it’s the Deep Cleansing with the Fossil Mud, and I think this may just be my favorite part. When applied to my body, the Fossil Mud gives me a hot, relaxing sensation as it skins into my skin. I am quickly wrapped up in film before covered with towels, as the warming sensation doesn’t last. A refreshing feeling comes over my body as the cooling sensations from the Eucalyptus kicks in.

The Fossil Mud stays on for 20 minutes. What better time for a skin consolation and a facial? My face is cleaned with the popular Carrot Butter Cleanser… no wonder it is a best seller! It melts into my skin as the consultant applies it to my face before removing all the dirt with their Organic Muslin Cloth. With the word ‘butter’ in the title, I have to admit I was slightly concerned. The humidity in the Middle East can make my skin quite oily, however it is explained to me that you fight oil with oil! My face feels so clean and fresh, definitely not greasy. A variety of skin care products are used on my face including the Herbal Toner, Flower Petal Mask and Anti-Oxidant Face Gel. The consultant lets me smell each product before she continues to apply Marine Collagen Complex and then finishes skin care routine with the Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream.

Herbal toner
Herbal toner
Flower petal mask
Flower petal mask
Antioxidant face gel
Antioxidant face gel
Marine collagen complex
Marine collagen complex
Double rose rejuvenating cream
Double rose rejuvenating cream

Once the 20 minutes are up and I am showered again, it’s time for some more relaxation with a Detox Body Oil massage. Focusing on my knots and tension, it’s clear she is an expert and knows exactly which areas she needs to target. Another great product, the Oil fills the room with a beautiful smell as I unwind and almost fall asleep. The massage includes my head and face and she works on my pressure points and explains how this can clear glands and relieve sinuses.

Detox body oil
Detox body oil

Last and certainly not least, the Body Sculpting Gel is applied to end the treatment. Unlike most gels, this is a light re-sculpting gel which smooths my skin while reducing the size of fat cells and improves my circulation.

Resculpting body gel
Resculpting body gel

After what feels like a lifetime of nonstop pampering and relaxation, the treatment is finished and I am advised to relax and take some time before getting up. I feel brand new, from tip to toe I am completely refreshed and rejuvenated. My skin feels fantastic and smells lovely, as I leave the treatment room I am given an ice cold glass of lemon infused water.

I am so thrilled to find this brand, and I can’t wait to start using everything. With such a wide range of products, there is something for everyone. Along with the global branches, The Organic Pharmacy also sell their products online and can distribute globally with worldwide shipping.

It is hard to summarize the reasons why I have fallen in love with The Organic Pharmacy, but here are my top 6;

• The products are 100% natural and organic
• No animal testing is carried out
• The service is fantastic
• The company is environmentally friendly
• Every single product smells beautiful
• The products work!

If you have liked what you have read so far and have a branch close by, why not pop in for a skin consultation try the products for yourself? I highly recommend the ‘Discovery/Travel Kit’. This is a great introduction to the brand, as it contains miniature versions of the products used in my facial. Buying this set is a great way to trial a selection of the bestselling skin care products, this can be purchased online too.

It turns out it’s not just me who is a massive fan. The Organic Pharmacy is loved by celebrities around the world including Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Gweneth Paltrow (and she knows her stuff). Jessica Alba has been papped a few times leaving one of the branches with bags full… jealous much!? Not just for women, The Organic Pharmacy has a range for men too which is popular with Ashton Kutcher, Ewan McGregor and John Travolta to name a few.

Along with a never ending list of products, I am really happy to discover they carry out a number of amazing sounding treatments including facials, body sculpting and even nails…I know exactly where I am going to get my manicures and pedicures from now on! They also have a make up brand too called ‘Organic Glam’ which looks fab, I will definitely try some of this and share the details with you all. Gift sets don’t look too bad either.. (hint hint).

I felt so relaxed after my Detox Cleansing Ritual, I fell asleep within minutes once my head hit the pillow. I was absolutely amazed at how perfect my skin looked the next day as I went into work confidently with out a scrap of make up.

This is such a fantastic brand for so many reasons. Natural, organic, honest – everything a good brand should be in my opinion. Click here to visit the website and have a look for yourself. If you have any questions about the treatment or my experience, please let me know and I will come back to you.

Thanks again to The Organic Pharmacy for having me, you will see me again soon!

Jess x

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