Amazing uses for coconut oil

I can’t believe I only discovered coconut oil a few months ago, it is now one of my absolute favorites and with good reason too!

The delicious smell alone is enough reason for coconut oil to be classed as a super-food. It naturally encourages weight loss and brain productivity, no wonder it’s flying off the shelves. You thought coconut oil was fatty? coconutsSo did I, and it does have fatty acids… but good fatty acids. In fact, they are great fatty acids, half of them are lauric acids which destroy nasty unwanted virus’ and bacteria. These acids also trick your body into thinking that you are full up.. why can’t every food do that!?

The good news is, you can add it to a lot of meals which I will blog about soon. In the meantime, here are the coconut oil benefits which I think are fab…

Top 10 uses for Coconut oil

  1. Cooking. Bake with it, fry with it, add a teaspoon to your breakfast smoothie… it tastes delicious!
  2. Use it as a highlighter, I’ve used it on my cheek bones and my shoulders and it gave me a lovely natural glow
  3. Moisturize with it, I religiously apply the stuff to my body, it just soaks into your skin and leaving you feeling incredible soft
  4. Remove your eye make up with it, it is proven to encourage eyelash growth so definitely worth ditching the wipes!
  5. Proven to help reduce stretch marks during pregnancy
  6. Soak your hair in it. I will blog about this soon but it really does work wonders
  7. Use it on your dry chapped leaves for instant smoothening
  8. Tanning oil. Did you know it has a natural SPF 4? Obviously I need something a little bit higher here in the UAE but what an interesting fact!
  9. Whiten your teeth. Coconut oil is a natural teeth whitener and the Lauric Acid I mentioned earlier? It will get rid of all the bacteria in your mouth. Again, blog to come.
  10. Treating sunburn. Mix it with some lavender oil and smother all over your burn.

More great news…. it lasts for ever!

Whilst there are a number of different types out there, make sure that the coconut oil you buy is virgin, unrefined oil which is very important with this product. This basically means, the oil is straight out of the coconut and into the bottle, no funny business. Refined coconut oil has gone through some kind of bleaching process (yuck) so please pay the extra money and go for the good stuff to reap all of the benefits!

I will update the blog soon in detail with some of the ideas listed above, in the meantime I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you used coconut oil for any of these purposes? Let me know!


Jess x